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Practicing the Piano Videos

In this newly launched video series, Nancy O’Neill Breth demonstrates selected tips from her guides to effective practicing. See all videos and subscribe here.


Practicing the Piano: How Students, Parents, and Teachers Can Make Practicing More Effective 
112 pages, published by Hal Leonard, $12.95

This book covers all stages of practicing, from Getting Started through Finishing Touches, offering over one hundred tips for solving challenges along the way.  Teachers use it to reinforce and augment their own ideas on practicing. Parents use it as background information to help their children. For high school and college students as well as adult amateurs it is an invaluable source of practical, creative practice techniques. Widely used in university pedagogy programs.  Read ReviewBuy now.


Piano Student’s Guide to Effective Practicing
published by Hal Leonard, $7.99

The Piano Student’s Guide to Effective Practicing shows intermediate and advanced students of all ages how to save time and build good practice habits. 58 concise practice tips offer creative drills for mastering challenging passages. Practice tips are categorized to address issues of accuracy, balance, clarity, continuity, coordination, comfort, evenness, expression, fingering, rhythm and speed. Over 40,000 copies sold in the US and abroad. Printed on heavy-coated stock. Read Review.  Buy Now.


Parent’s Guide to Effective Practicing
published by Hal Leonard, $7.99

This guide is a tool for parents who wish to help their children build good practice habits. 33 practice tips, listed under the headings Start Smart, Practice Right, and First-Aid Kit, launch elementary students on the path to good practice habits. Whether parents have musical experience or not, they can greatly improve the quality of their children’s practice sessions by using this guide. Printed on heavy-coated stock for durability, the Guide is designed to be kept on the music desk for quick reference in daily practice. Buy now.

Ensemble Music

Six Songs from John Gay’s Beggars Opera
Edited and arranged for Piano Trio by Breth and Goberman. Perfect for early level chamber groups. Some songs include 2 piano parts, one late Elementary and one Intermediate.  Buy Now.

KODALY Dances from Marroszek, Transcribed for piano four hands by Nancy O’Neill Breth. Buy Now

BARTÓK Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, op. 20, Transcribed for piano four hands by Nancy O’Neill Breth. Buy Now.

Repertoire Lists

Nancy O’Neill Breth has produced annotated repertoire lists such as Easy Chamber MusicMusic for Four Hands and Modern Piano Music.


Nancy O’Neill Breth has published articles and reviews in Clavier Magazine, Keyboard Companion, and American Music Teacher.