For  30 years I have taught piano students in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. The Breth Studio serves all ages but focuses on pre-college students. Broadly speaking, my goal is to give students the physical skills and musical understanding they will enjoy, helping them thrive and grow as musicians long after their formal lessons are over.

Lessons. Precollege students in the Breth Studio receive 38 lessons a year. In addition they take part in 16 group performance classes and perform in three studio recitals annually. Students also enter a variety of adjudicated performance events and master classes.

Practice requirement. Students maintain a minimum weekly (6 day) practice schedule ranging from 1 hour a day for 6-year-olds to 2 hours a day for teenagers.

Location. Northwest Washington, DC.

Audition. An audition/interview is required for students interested in joining the studio. Contact me at nancy@brethstudio.net or 202-237-1525.

More information. On this website, you will find detailed information about my approach to teaching, about my background and about Breth Piano Studio policies and fees.